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What is SHITHEAD ?

SHITHEAD is a simple yet devilishly exciting card game that is played by 1000's of people around the globe.
The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible and the last person with cards remaining loses the game is crowned the SHITHEAD and as a punishment then has to perform a task or forfeit you think fitting -

drink a shot

We have lovingly crafted some customised cards which make this awesome game even more awesome and easy to play!
Our new SHITHEAD deck is a slickly designed regulation poker deck with the addition of 24 "special" cards which are specific to the SHITHEAD game and cover all the most popular versions - These can be remove to suit your particular favourite variation or take them all out and you can still play any other standard card game under the sun!

  • Best game ever!

    Tara Knowles-Teller via Twitter
  • Hours of awesome entertainment!

    Jax Teller via Facebook
how to play

How Do You Play SHITHEAD ?

SHITHEAD can be played by 2 - 6 players practically anywhere - Just deal the cards think of a forfeit and the fun begins!

Aim of the game

Get rid of your cards as fast as you can.
The last person with cards remaining loses the game and is the SHITHEAD!


2 – 6 Players




All Players must agree to a forfeit for the SHITHEAD. e.g. Drink a shot, deal the next game or whatever you think is funny.


1. Remove the 4 jokers (displaying a QR code) from the pack and shuffle.
Deal each player:
- 3 cards face down (blind cards)
- 3 cards face-up on top of the blind cards (hole cards)
- 6 more (hand cards).
2. Place any remaining cards to one side.
3. Before you start you can swap the best cards from your hand with your upwards-facing hole cards.
N.B. Having high or special hole cards improves your chances in the final stages of the game.

How to play

1. The player left of the dealer starts by laying one of their hand cards (preferably the lowest) onto the table (the stack). Play then continues in a clockwise direction.
2. The next player must then play an equal, higher or special card.
N.B. You can play multiple cards with the same value. e.g. Three "7" cards or two "burn" cards.
N.B. If 4 of the same value cards are played consecutively then the stack is discarded (burnt) and the player may take another turn.
3. If a player can’t go they must pick up the entire stack and add them to their hand cards. It is then the next player’s turn.
4. Once a player has no remaining hand cards they then start to play using their hole cards.
5. Once all of a player's hole cards have been used they must select a random blind card to play.
N.B. Don’t look at your blind cards before you play them! If the card selected can’t be played, you must pick up the stack and use these before continuing to play your remaining blind cards.
6. The last person with cards remaining loses and is the SHITHEAD!
N.B. The SHITHEADwill have to perform the agreed forfeit!

Functions of special cards

All special cards can be played onto anything, including higher cards, lower cards or other special cards.
RESET CARD: Resets the stack & the next player can then lay any card.
INVISIBLE CARD: The stack remains the same so the next player must still beat the previous card.
SKIP CARD: The next player misses a turn and then the following player must beat whatever card is underneath.
LOWER CARD: Forces the next player to play a lower card than the previous card.
N.B. If the lower card is placed on a "2" or a "reset" card then the next player has to pick up the entire stack.
BURN CARD: Burns the stack (removes it from play) and the player may take another turn.
REVERSE CARD: Reverses the direction of play and the next player must beat whatever card is underneath.
N.B. If two are played simultaneously then they cancel out and play continues in the same direction.

Additional Rules for 2 Players

There is a slight change of rules:
1. Playing a "skip" card means you may take another turn.
2. A "reverse" card works like a "skip" card.
The usual rules apply in all other instances.



What makes these cards so special ?

We've taken all our love for the game SHITHEAD and channeled it into the perfect physical card form!

I love them! When can I get them ?

This is your lucky day! You can order them directly at the bottom of this page right now and they will be shipped directly to your door!.

What size/material are they ?

The cards are traditional poker size (64 × 89 mm) glossy printed in full colour on the finest 310gsm linen feel professional card stock.

Are they available in my country ?

They sure are! We can ship them to anywhere in the world!

I love SHITHEAD but can I use the cards for other games too ?

If you remove the 24 special SHITHEAD cards then you are left with a standard 52 card deck - so yes, you can play any other card game.

I don't have any friends, can I play on my own ?

Unfortunately, SHITHEAD requires at least 2 players but we can 100% guarantee that once you have a pack that you will suddenly be surrounded by people who want to play!


Who Plays SHITHEAD ?

SHITHEAD is loved by students, backpackers, drinkers and pretty much everyone else who has the nerve to try it!

get shithead


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More Information

We will ship your ShitHead deck anywhere in the world for a flat fee of $2.50 and it will take just 2-7 days to arrive!
You will receive a boxed full deck of ShitHead cards (76 cards) with colour instruction booklet - All you need is to call up some friends and start playing right away!
Every ShitHead deck is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship and we will refund or replace any defective packs within 7 days of purchase.